Can you imagine once the sire bond is broken and Elena’s feelings are proven real but there’s still some angst between Damon and Elena keeping them apart and then when Elena has apologized for almost killing Caroline and she forgives her and she says “I just…don’t get it” and Elena is like “Get what, Caroline?” and Caroline says “You and Damon…why are you…in love with him? It’s just absurd that you could fall for him after all that he’s done” and she’ll smile and tell her “You still love me after all that I’ve done to you guys and you still like Stefan despite the fact that he can be a Ripper” and Caroline’ll say “That’s different!” and Elena’ll say “How?” and Caroline will defensively say “You guys had your humanity off!” and Elena’ll say pointedly “So did Damon. You just find it easier to forgive Stefan and me because I was already your friend before I switched off my emotions and because unlike Damon, Stefan has always been nice to you. I’m not asking you to forgive him for what he did to you. It’s not easy to get past it. But I’m telling you that Stefan and I are no different or better than Damon with our humanity off.” and then Caroline say “Well even if I consider that, he’s still mean” and then Elena’d laugh and say “It’s Damon. Of course, he’s mean!” and Caroline would say “Then why do you love him?” and Elena would say “Because it’s all a show. He just likes being mean to people he cares about” and Caroline would laugh and say “So…you’re saying he cares about me? You’re high” and Elena would say “He did take a fatal werewolf bite for you, Caroline and trust me he knew how painful a werewolf bite would after Rose went through it. He had to stake her with his own hands to put her out of her own misery.” and Caroline would say “So…he slept with the woman. It doesn’t mean he suddenly cared for her” and Elena would smile and say “Actually he did. He felt so guilty that Rose took the werewolf bite to save him and tried to pretend like it didn’t matter but it did. Do you know he gave her a dream before he put her out of her misery? He made her dream that she was in her hometown where she reminisced about how it was like to be human” and Caroline would look at her quizzically “Damon did that for a woman he knew for 5 seconds? Are you sure he wasn’t falling for her?” and Elena would say “Rose told me something the day she was dying that no one has ever loved her the way I’m loved and I’m pretty sure she was talking about Damon and how he wasn’t in love with her. I think Rose really understood Damon in some ways and at the end of the day, I think he was able to talk more to Rose about how he felt than me because I didn’t want to hear how he felt at that time. Damon cares, Caroline. He’s not Mother Theresa but if he cares.” and Caroline would say “Are you sure Damon didn’t just make up this whole story?” and Elena would be annoyed at this point and say “No! That idiot didn’t even tell me about it till we were in Denver and Jeremy told him to tell him something about Rose that mattered and Rose appeared because of it and later when I asked him why he never told me about it, he said it wasn’t about me which is just bullshit because he compelled me twice and never told me about it” and Caroline would have been jumping by now and saying “He compelled you?? How the hell can you love him after that??” and Elena would just say “Will you relax. I didn’t even tell you the context of the compulsions” and Caroline would scoff and say “Which makes it better how?” and Elena would say “The first time we met wasn’t the second day of school” and Caroline would say “Ooookay” and Elena would continue “I met him on the night of my parents car crash before I got into the car. He was laying there on the road, probably trying to get someone to stop their car so he could feed on them and I was just talking to Bonnie on the phone about Matt and how I should break up with him and so he immediately came up to me and thought I was Katherine *eye roll* but it only lasted for like 5 seconds when he realized I wasn’t her. Basically we talked about Matt and life and when time came to leave, he said he wanted me to get everything I was looking for but then compelled me to forget it because he didn’t want anyone to know he was in town.” and Caroline would be staring wide-eyed at her “He…wanted you to get everything you were looking for? When he was a stranger to you? Why? It has to be your resemblance to Katherine” and Elena would flinch and say “Maybe yeah, but I think that night we had a proper conversation and I don’t know in certain ways he could just read me like the fact that I didn’t want to be with Matt. I guess he’s always been able to read me, just like I’ve been able to read him well most of the time because I’m always finding out new things about him that reshape my understanding of him” and Caroline would narrow her eyes and say “So, you think you and- and Damon share a connection?” and Elena would smile to herself and say “Yeah. That’s kind of why I was the first person in Mystic Falls to become his friend. I hated him but I just…got him. Even Stefan didn’t.” and “What about his manwhorish ways?” she cocked an eyebrow and Elena would sigh and say “The only reason he sleeps around is because he can’t get the woman he actually wants. He lives for love and he wants nothing more than to be loved back by the woman he loves and because he’s faced so much rejection, he believes he isn’t good enough. But he’s not the kind of guy to sit and brood about it” and Caroline would say “Oookay. I still think he’s a manwhore and he doesn’t deserve you” and look at her sadly and say “He thinks that too” and Caroline would get excited and ask her “Oooh, a story about Damon’s ego shrinking I’m soooooo ready to hear this” and Elena shakes her head and says “I can’t tell you, Caroline” and she asks her “Why not?” and Elena simply says “It’s too personal. It’s something I want to keep to myself” and Caroline just groan and say “Oh god. It’s the first time you had sex.” and Elena would just laugh and say “No, it has nothing to with any time we had sex. It doesn’t even involve a kiss. But it’s a very special memory.” and she’d be lost in thought about it when and Caroline asks “Do I get a hint?” and she says “Nope” popping the “p” like Damon and Caroline would sigh and say “You’re really in love him, aren’t you?” and she’d smile and say “Yeah, I am” and Caroline would say “I still don’t like him but he’s probably a little more evolved than I thought” and Elena would just burst out laughing.

It’s never going to happen on the show because Caroline is such a Stefan stan but it’d make for a nice scene in an AU where Caroline was willing to understand Elena

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