People who think romantic Bamon is going to happen LOL

If you believe that “Hate is the beginning of every love story” and now that Elena said about Damon “He doesn’t hate her. I think he kinds loves her. I mean you’re mean to the people you care about” and that is why Bamon is going to happen…

Then going by that logic romantic Daroline will happen again because Damon loves her too and is still mean to her and Caroline hates him. Damon is mean to Matt as well which only means Matt and Damon will be explored romantically, right?

It isn’t romantic love JFC

The reason why “Hate is the beginning of a love story” applies to Damon and Elena, isn’t just simply because of this statement but actually this is possible because Elena has always understood Damon, even when Stefan or no one else could when he committed some of his darker deeds. She was the one to understand that he lost Katherine too and that crippled him. She understood that love meant everything to him(“Doesn’t it always come down to the love of a woman?”) and if so there was humanity in him and people dying did matter to him. Because of this understanding he compelled Jeremy FOR her and even tried to make things easier by making him stop drinking and doing drugs and doing his homework and when she asked him about it, he said he simply took away the suffering because she asked him to. He took her to Georgia because he got a glimpse of the fire in her in the 3x22 flashback. He knew deep down that she could be carefree and that she wanted more from life. She understood that everything he has become today and done, he believed he had done it for love and she felt sad for him. She understood that he was hurt, not angry unlike what Stefan thought. She understood how she had to earn his trust after she had broken it. She understood that he did care, but he pretended not to. She understood that when he gets hurt, he doesn’t admit and tries to cover it up and ends up doing something stupid. She understood why he snapped Jeremy’s neck was because he didn’t want to feel and he just wanted to be hated because it was easier that way which is a callback to Damon and Jeremy’s conversation in 1x22 “[Is it easier that way?] Life sucks either way, Jeremy, but at least when you’re a vampire you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to.[Is that what you did?] Yeah, I did it for a very long time…and life was a lot easier”. Elena wasn’t even part of that conversation. She knows why he lashes out. She knows that he doesn’t actually hate her friends but he loves them.

Which brings us to Elena’s ability to forgive some more than others if she believes there is something there in them worth forgiving. Elena has always seen the good in Damon, which wouldn’t let her hate Damon completely which Caroline has refused to see despite him taking a werewolf bite for her and Bonnie only recently is starting to warm up around Damon and the reason is more because of Elena. Elena never changed Damon but she did inspire change in him because she knew how to get through to him because of her understanding of him which Caroline and Bonnie lack.

Bonnie still doesn’t get how Damon works, even if she does consider him a part of the gang and does care about him. She might be fierce and an independent woman, just like Elena, but so was Bree, Isobel, Rose, Sage and so is Rebekah. You didn’t see him falling in love with them? Besides Bonnie cannot accept Damon’s vampiric side. 

I don’t even understand why i have to explain this

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