Sophy says: A lot of people think Damon/Elena was the big deal in this episode, but I have to disagree. Damon/Elena is nice and all, but I have a few other OTP’s now. Witness my new-found devotion to:

Elena/Damon’s Shirt
Elena/Jumping Onto Bed
Elena/Imaginary Watch
Elena/Cute Outfits
Elena/Sex Hair
Elena/Damon’s Bathtub

Of course, you could say that all of these are pretty much sub-ships of Damon/Elena. And all of them fall under the heading of Elena/Happiness too. What a coincidence!

Seriously though, Elena in Damon’s shirt was just about the best thing. Because they even remembered that it was ripped and had her basically enjoy the fact that it was ripped, because she kind of likes her bra and kind of wants Damon to see it, you know? I loved how cute and coy she was standing there in the doorframe, with her big smile and her “Hey.”

And then she threw herself at the bed and it was like the opposite of that time she launched herself at Katherine/her own tortured psyche and came up empty. This time she came up Damon, and she was pretty damn pleased about it.

Then there’s Elena and her imaginary watch which is just. I don’t even have words for how cute it is. And how long has it been since we’ve seen Elena be lazy and abandoned in love like that, you guys?

When Elena gets to school is when I noticed Elena/Cute Outfits – I was kind of distracted by all the Damon/Elena going on back at the boarding house. And you know this really is a new one. That’s not to say Elena has never looked nice before. She always looks nice, and on special occasions she looks spectacular. But she hasn’t looked cute and youthful like this until this season. And it really is refreshing to see her dressing like a teenager, and like someone who’s having fun with life and isn’t so self-loathing that it would be a crime to wear anything other than jeans and a shirt just because you want to.

Then there’s Elena/Sex-hair, which frankly, I don’t see how anyone could not ship it. Like, I’m pretty sure Caroline ships it deep down.

Next up: Elena and her blood-bag! It was the sweetest! Look at her little face! She’s so happy she gets to be like everybody else! She gets to not hurt people by not being the doppelganger anymore and she gets to not hurt people by not having to feed from them. We’ll ignore that pesky issue of the blood-bag diet probably being less morally defensible than the snatch-eat-erase diet. Because seriously LOOK AT HER FACE. AND SHE’S SIPPING IT LIKE SHE’S A 10 YEAR OLD WITH ONE OF THOSE LONG WINDY STRAWS. AND NOW I’M IMAGINING HER WITH ONE OF THOSE STRAWS THAT HAS GLASSES AND A HAT. GOD. CUTEST. And just to preempt any complaints that Elena/Blood-bag isn’t really about Damon, since he caused the problem in the first place… well okay. You’re right. Damon’s blood did cause the problem in the first place by being stolen by Meredith and transfused into Elena’s body and combining with her feelings to trigger a sire bond Damon knew nothing about when he said otherwise perfectly innocuous and right things about her needing to not start her life as a vampire on Stefan’s bunny diet. It was totally not his fault. Meanwhile, it’s very much his ‘fault’ that he went ahead and proved his worst nightmare in order to make her happy. Damon could so easily have given himself wiggle-room when testing whether the bond was real. He could so easily have telegraphed to Elena in subtle ways that he didn’t really want her to keep the blood down. Or he could have flat-out told her he was testing for a sire bond so she’d know not to prove it. Or he could have just told her not to tell Stefan when it worked and to keep drinking from the vein to make him happy. But he didn’t do any of that. He made sure the test was fair, and he took the consequences on the chin. At the end of the day, Elena speaks the truth: he is the reason she’s standing there sipping on the blood-bag like a goofy, happy, loved-up vampire-girl.

Elena/Table/Champagne is pretty much self-explanatory. Nobody could not ship that.

And Elena in Damon’s bathtub is just about the best thing ever. Did anyone else really, really, really love Nina’s delivery on “Being a vampire is so weird. Oh my god, I love this bathtub! Why don’t we come and hang out in here more often?” It was just so adorably somewhat-drunk and loved-up and everything-is-new and instinctively-possessive-of-Damon’s-space. AND I LOVE HER YOU GUYS. I LOVE HER IN LOVE. I LOVE HER HAPPY. ELENA/HAPPINESS FOREVER.

For now I’m going to ignore the fact that I ship it slightly less than Elena/Free Will.

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