The Standom Effect


Disclaimer: Because while I observed this study from my own experience, I’d have to take into consideration my own experience, given this is more of an overt participant study where I have been involved and I am giving an account, even while trying to get more people to give me diagnostic answers. But I started the study after the formation of the stan clubs and I’m trying to study its effects.

This is not hate against a group or a set of groups but rather something to give people a wider perspective on it. Since the fission happened in the D/E fandom which led to the formation of the Elena stan club and the Damon stan club, I focus on that.

It’s about 11,000 words in total. You have been warned.

Read it all, along with the testimonials if you’re going to criticize it and I use analogies which aren’t literal. Please do not take them literally. Try concentrating on the point being made, even if it seems like an attack. It’s constructive criticism, siding with neither side even if some arguments are valid and some not. I’ve been sitting on this thing since January and I like to complete what I pick up. So this is 2 months due.

Also if you’re going to criticize it, can we do this in a civil manner? I’ve had my share of mishaps in trying to point out the hypocrisy before. I tried to put this forth through a more structured manner.

If anyone finds the way I’ve worded something offensive, please understand that I am figuring things out my own way and if you explain it to me without bullying me or putting me down, I am open to discussion. 


Since 3x14, there has been a shift from the generic ship wars that existed in the TVD fandom to the standom wars and before it was Damon vs. Stefan; now it was Damon vs. Elena - an intro-ship fandom war which escalated after the season 3 finale and even further after the season 4 finale. As a result, it led to an official schism in the fandom in May 2013 with the founding of the Elena Stan Club and the Damon Stan Club, where stans of each character could mingle with their “own kind” avoid character hate present in general character tags which led to formation of other stan clubs and shipper clubs, further definitive territory marking by the fandom. This is a study of this change that occurred in the fandom because stan clubs were never before present in any fandom.

The biggest defining problematic factor of stans is trying to defend their stanned characters rather than explain their behavior acknowledging it’s problematic and trying to come off superior. It’s mostly a way of saying that one is passionate and very protective of the character because of attachment.

This is not to say they’re unreasonable people. But it’s simply observing the how easily they are influenced and internalize even more under the effect of stan clubs.

But for that one would have to look at the trend of preference for characters and the categorization of them in people’s perspective based on tropes…or if it defies it then why?

Stan club member numbers off their websites(in order of their number of stans)

DSC: 422

ESC: 321

SSC: 126

KSC: 106

BSC: 78

CSC: 56

The Damon stan club and the Elena stan club seems to have the most members

This data isn’t completely clear because there can be an overlap between groups sometimes because of shipping.There is a need to find out if especially a fandom sort of gets it’s members because of said factor of shipping. But off late they have been trying to stand alone. For example, declaring Elena doesn’t need romantic love, especially from a male character.

Also there are fans apart from stans, who appreciate these characters and follow these stan clubs but do not become part of them either out of shyness or because they do not share the intense need to defend a character. Also the stans may not be aware of the stan clubs all that much if they track the older tags which the stan clubs have abandoned. Or there could be people who are nominally part of these clubs but not all that active.

But essentially this is a study of the operation and group dynamics of stan clubs so for that it only delves into active members who make themselves known and in a way are “authority figures” and the active or even the passive members who get influenced by them and to find out the reasons

There are a lot sociological factors considering they discuss very heavily the problematic aspects of society but get more defensive for their character or celebrity whom they stan, even if they might point out their problems with them once in a while because they are by impulse more biased because of how invested they are in these characters or celebrities.

But the question that comes foremost is how is a stan defined. According to the etymology of the word, it comes from “stalker fan” from which the “st” and “an” are taken and merged. But it’s important to note that different people interpret this word differently.

So I asked people the following questions:

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So I’m not back here for good but rather I’ve reached a place where I’m comfortable with my identity to a large extent which I struggled over the last year or years actually. I’m here basically to tell you that I now operate under another tumblr blog, and I have evolved under that time and changed, as has my writing and while I still write DE meta(and Brallie, and Suits and other stuff), it’s not exactly of the same style but you will find a familiarity in it because of the length I’ve been told :P

So my multi-fandom/misc blog is:

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P.S: Why are 2799 people still following me if I abandoned my blog a year ago? XD

I love you, guys. Hope to seeing you on the other side because I won’t be operating from here.

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Here’s a last goodbye

Okay so this blog is pretty much abandoned and I’m going to go start doing the necessary stuff for the other one.

If you want to unfollow this one, it’d be okay. 

My reasons are here

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And people who’re worried about this blog being deleted it’s not going to be. It’s going to remain as an archive

I’ll keep the askbox open for 24 hours more so if anyone wants(actually wants) to know my other blog url, you can ask me and I’ll answer privately.

It’s been quite a colourful experience here and trust me it’s not easy letting go. I was supposed to give it up hours ago but I didn’t. So this is the end, I guess. 

I’m sorry I haven’t answered a lot of your questions over the course of this blog because I get way too many and I have to be in the mindset of writing about it. It’s not something I can force myself to and sometimes I don’t publish it because I want to answer it with all the content or I’m deliberating an interpretation. I’m sorry if you felt ignored or neglected because of that.

So this post is sort of my closure post.

I just about decided I would abandon this blog when I changed my blog title from “I tend to overanalyze” to “The girl who lit a match, but not for hope” as it marking sort of the beginning of my finally giving up any hope for this blog even before I announced it and basically running it to the ground. People might think I based that title off Elena(and the short story “The little match girl”) but if you ever read my personal posts you’d understand how that’s actually about a personal incident in my life that happened when I was 14, long before I ever started watching TVD. Elena sort of fits in a broad sense the idea. My blog description now is “What if someday you want to come back after all of this?” and “I won’t”.


So yeah, I won’t( At least not to post)


(I tried to find Damon’s gif closing the tomb “door” but it’s lost somewhere in my many tags and old posts because that was in season 2 and I didn’t tag it by episode but I really wanted to use it because I love the symbolism in that moment)

No, I’m not suicidal but I’ve been in a very low place for a while and basically it’s me trying to say that then I did it to end my life because I didn’t think I deserved to live but this time I’m doing it for a new start because I thought/think I deserved better. Metaphorically in action the same thing but this is me saying I’m not that girl back when I was 14 or the girl when I started findmysoulasigohome. This blog doesn’t feel like home anymore but staying true to the url findmysoulasigohome, I haven’t found my home yet so I wander on till I do.

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He really is. But right now he’s sulking and he’s sitting in the weirdest position even though he seems comfortable

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I’m wondering when exactly I should abandon this blog

I’ll give it hours maybe. 5 hours max.


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I should have named my puppy Oddie I swear. Except he’s not always all that pumped

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Anonymous inquired:

Why are you deleting this blog?

First of all, I’m not deleting this blog. I’m just not going to use it anymore and block the askbox but it’ll exist as an archive for all my meta along with other things. It’ll look the same except I just won’t post here anymore.

And second, my patience is wearing really thin considering you couldn’t even scroll down a little where I reblogged why I am the second time. But here you go:

Disclaimer: It’s inclined to offend you because my very existence offends people.

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